About Us

The Mavam range of espresso and coffee brewing equipment was born from a passion for perfection. Designed by a service technician and refined by a long time industry expert the team at Mavam has more than 30 years experience servicing and engineering espresso and coffee brewing equipment.

The original goals were to build a machine that was temperature stable, easy to service and most importantly, allowed for baristas all over the World to prepare incredibly consistent espresso. 

Using a global network of suppliers Mavam espresso machines are designed and assembled in Seattle WA USA for a global market.

Our Team is passionate about our Industry and excited to innovate, create and share our knowledge of bar workflow and how we apply our equipment design into workflow layouts created for efficient drink production.

Our name, Mavam (mah-vahm) is derived from the word Maven. A Maven is defined as a person who is experienced or knowledgeable in their given trade and shares the knowledge. At Mavam we feel that our products represent the sharing our our experience and knowledge.

Customer Service

Mavam strives to provide a great customer service experience. We come from a parts and service background and understand how important it is to have great support when purchasing a high end product. 

While Mavam is a new company and our products are in their relative infancy we can assure you that our mission is to build simply designed, temperature stable coffee brewing equipment that is supported by trained Mavam technicians globally.

Team Bios:

Name: Michael Myers
Role: Product Designer
Favorite Coffee Drink:Espresso
Cats or Dogs? Cats

Name: Terry Ziniewicz
Role: Product Manager
Favorite Coffee Drink: Cappuccino
Cats or Dogs? Cats rule

Name: Matthew Shaw
Role: Electronics Designer, Production Manager
Favorite coffee drink: Hot
Cats or Dogs? What is loyal, loving, plays fetch, and can be larger than a toaster? Whatever that is, I prefer it.

Name: Sara Michelman
Role: International Sales and Distributor Support
Favorite Coffee Drink: 4oz Americano
Cats or Dogs? Cats!

Name: Tony Serrano
Role: Customer Support... and resident Mad Man
Favorite Coffee Drink: Espresso... of course
Cats or Dogs? Dog... I feel myself as stray dog most of the time but my wife and I, both, seem to have stray cat karma. We always find them a home. Well, all except for Tomas, the house cat.

Name: Kyle Dols
Role: Interface production, subassembly production, in house barista.
Favorite Coffee Drink: 6 oz latte
Cats or dogs? Chickens