At Mavam we custom create each machine we build. 

Members of our team have been responsible for some of the most iconic custom builds in the industry. Over 60 years of combined knowledge of metal treatments, glass, wood, and paint work allows Mavam to create whatever you can dream of.

Unlike most large manufacturers we have the capability to build your machine in our workshop to your exact specifications. This results in a machine that has been assembled and tested right at our workshop under the strict control of our team. This ensures that your Mavam espresso machine will meet your expectation, as well as our’s.

Standard Powder Coating

We offer a wide range of custom options to create your dream espresso machine. Let’s say you are looking for a particular color to match the rest of your build out. We can color match most any color available in the RAL color system. These colors are fairly standard and represent most colors of the rainbow as well as tints and clear coats. Visit RAL Website for more information


Custom Powdercoating

The next level powder coat option is bright colors and metal flakes. From mild to wild these colors are special order and may be limited based upon how the machine will accept the coating. Before you choose a color that you have your heart set on please inquire with our Team to determine if it is possible. Visit Prismatic for more information


Metal Plating

Metal plating can bring a certain flair to your espresso machine build and and that wow factor that so many are looking of when building a custom machine. We offer individual part plating such as just the brew groups and steam wands and rinser star. Like we said, if you can imagine it for your machine and to suit your space, we can make it a reality.

Now if you are looking for a show piece that wows the crowd give consideration to our full metal plate and polish service. We will custom coat your machine in Copper, Brass, Nickel and chrome.

Want to go big? We offer full 24 carat gold plating. Pricing is based upon the current market rate of gold and quotes are good for 15 days.

Metal finishes are available in full polish and satin finish depending on the look you are going for.


Wood and Metal Accessories

When working on bar it is important that the tools you are working with are enjoyable and easy to maintain. With this in mind we create custom portafilter and tamper handles to match the aesthetic of your machine.

Choose from our list of sustainable wood choices:

• Zebrano
• Wenge
• Black Walnut
• White Oak
• Maple


We try to keep the ideas around our custom work simple and strive for surface treatments that will be easy to maintain and enhance the look of the machine as it ages. We offer honest unbiased opinions about this work as we want you to understand the maintenance and longevity of certain custom options.

Our Team is ready to help build whatever it is you can dream up. As we go through the process you will be updated with photos of your build to ensure that the end result is what you were hoping for.