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Seattle: At the secret launch of Mavam Espresso
Last month, in an industrial garage on 11th Avenue, between Pike & Pine on Seattle’s teeming Capitol Hill, a new espresso machine company was launched. Dubbed MAVAM Espresso, it’s the work of a guy named Michael Gregory Myers, a lifelong espresso machine tinkerer.

Bean Scene Magazine: The Coffee Experience Sydney Aus
Service Sphere raised the coffee show bar once again when it gave The Coffee Experience visitors the chance to check out the Mavam Under Counter Espresso Machine (UCEM).

Bean Scene Magazine: What’s Below The Counter?
The evolution of the Mavam begins like a scene out of a horror novel. “It all started alone in a dark basement in my Seattle home,” Co-founder Michael Gregory Myers says. “It’s where I developed my best ideas.”
Michael or ‘Mike’ as he likes to be referred to, has been around espresso machines for as long as he can remember.

Mavam is Coffee Fest's highest scoring "Best New Product" ever!
The new under-counter espresso machine system called the Mavam made its official US launch at the Portland Coffee Fest this past weekend, and it didn’t just make waves — it made history. In the category of non-consumable products, the Mavam won the coveted Best New Product designation by unanimous decision, with 100 percent of the vote in its favor. No other product has ever scored as highly at a Coffee Fest event.

Top Coffee Brands To Match Cafes in Nationwide ACLU Fundraiser
Seattle-based under counter espresso technology start-up Mavam Espresso will match two brands taking part this weekend. Enjoy delicious coffee made on a Mavam Espresso machine this weekend at Tartine Manufactory, one of our original launch partners for this nationwide effort.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
As one longtime Pike/Pine coffee roaster plans an inter-neighborhood move, a business involved in another aspect of coffee manufacturing is making its debut just down the block.
Two well-established espresso experts quietly launched their custom commercial espresso machine business MAVAM Espresso last month underneath Vermillion on 11th Ave amid Pike/Pine’s fertile coffee roasting grounds.

Press on Mavam clients

An inside look at Brooklyn's new cafe, inspired by 'Breaking Bad'
Walter’s Coffee Roasters reimagines what it would have been like if Walter White worried more about the source of his beans than the source his methylamine.

Walter's, a Breaking Bad inspired cafe, is up and cooking in Bushwick
This winter, when we heard a Breaking Bad-inspired café, Walter’s, would open in Brooklyn sometime this summer, we thought: that is hilarious! But also, maybe cool? And, finally, it sorta makes sense, because both coffee and watching Breaking Bad are addictive. As is, of course, meth, one of the show’s main characters. And yet, when we saw the hazmat suits and blue rock candy featured in the first Walter’s in Istanbul, we couldn’t not be skeptical: could this café, so cartoonishly themed, stand up to Brooklyn’s no nonsense judgers?

A Walk Through the Newly Opened Tartine Manufactory
Last Thursday, I walked up to the brand-new ~TARTINE MANUFACTORY~, the line snaking out of the building on day two, full of the many friends and fans of this unique San Francisco company made of some of our very best craftspeople. Tartine is one of our city’s proudest culinary achievements, and now Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt and their talented team have the space they so deserve to do much more of their crafty magic.

Tartine's Coffee Manufactory: Roasting destiny in San Francisco
Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt’s Tartine has, since its opening 15 years ago, been a mecca for baked goods fans, their gougère, vaunted morning buns, and the like accruing both a following and a staggering line. But what is a near perfect baked good without an amazing cup of coffee to go along with it? Over the course of the last decade and a half, Robertson and Prueitt have worked with an A-list of Bay Area coffee providers—Mr. Espresso, Four Barrel Coffee, Counter Culture Coffee—and of course, Blue Bottle Coffee.

Destroyer: LA's New Coffee & Brunch Palace in Culver City
A minimal brunch café with a 70s arcade game-themed website wasn’t exactly the next anticipated move for Los Angeles chef Jordan Kahn, the sweet-turned-savory chef who last made waves at Beverly Hills’ now shuttered Red Medicine. But after a two-year pause from those intricately plated garden sculptures built to taste like Vietnam, he’s back, this round in Culver City.

Blue Bottle Coffee to close Heath Ceramics kiosk; open in South Park
According to a Blue Bottle representative, the company, which opened the kiosk four years ago, has outgrown the 250-square-foot space and, instead of renewing their lease, they have opted to move to a new, larger location in San Francisco’s South Park neighborhood. (In August, Heath’s expansive 18th Street warehouse gained a new addition with the opening of (former Blue Bottle partner) Tartine Bakery’s Manufactory.)

Trademark Grind: fresh coffee for Midtown Manhattan
Trademark Grind, a new coffee shop in the Executive Hotel Le Soleil located just off the Herald Square subway station, is a breath of fresh air for coffee seekers in Midtown Manhattan. This part of New York has historically been known as somewhat lacking when it comes to quality coffee, though positive developments—such as specialty shop Culture Espresso spinning off a nearby second location, Culture 36, in late 2014—are increasing. Trademark is the latest.

Customizing the Coffee Experience
As we work harder and harder to make our lives effortless, it’s clear that when considering a kitchen remodel we really need to hone in on what makes us tick. Or, what tickles us. The idea of Bespoke kitchens, the process of tailoring a garment or space uniquely to the individual, is everywhere. Case in point, the coffee station.

Seattle: The New Visions Espresso Showroom is Hot Fire
Wind the clock back 30 years and Seattle’s coffee landscape looked something like this: a handful of neighborhood cafes were in business along with Starbucks and Stewart Brothers (later to become Seattle’s Best), Monorail Espresso was pulling shots from the city’s first coffee cart, Kent Bakke had imported a handful of La Marzocco espresso machines to Seattle cafes, and Visions Espresso Service was born. The two decades to follow would solidify Seattle as an important player in American specialty coffee, and early pioneers including Visions helped the city become a catalyst for specialty coffee in the States.