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MAVAM is from the word Maven which is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

MAVAM was created by Michael Gregory Myers a long time technician who grew up in the espresso industry. He embarked on a quest to develop the next level of temperature stable espresso machines.

This has led to endless prototypes and a list of new patents to improve the quality of espresso. He wanted to create basic machines that focus on the most important functions involved with extracting espresso.

Partnering with Industry Legend Terry Ziniewicz they have taken this machine to the next level. The new innovations and customization possibility’s for these machine platforms are endless. We hope you enjoy our creation and hope this continues the progression of taking espresso to the next level.



MAVAM  Under Counter Espresso Machine (UCEM)


The Under Counter from MAVAM Espresso Machines answers the need for a low profile temperature stable espresso machine that still has a traditional identifiable look. Designed by an espresso machine technician, the machine has been designed around modular components allowing for ease of service and flexibility in installation.The under counters interface can be installed up to 8 feet from the boiler unit with no loss in temperature stability.

Stainless steel brew groups have a built in 200 watt heater assisting with temperature stability.

Individual pumps for each brew group allow for uninterrupted brewing pressure and individual group brewing pressures.

Main control unit can be placed 0 - 6+/- feet from the counter top user interface allowing for endless layout options.

The 11 liter steam boiler is dedicated to producing a large volume of steam pressure while also preheating the brew group water. Steam is delivered via 10mm stainless steel steam wands outfitted with our own custom steam tips. The seal free steam wand ball joint provides endless steam wand angles.

All stainless steel construction

User interface is fully customizable. Custom paint, polishing, plating, and wood accents are just a few of the possibilities for customization.

Two step group activation allows control of pre-infusion time via waterproof rated activation switches.

Hot water tap.

Stainless steel drain tray with built in rinser valve and activation star

Proudly Hand Made in Seattle Washington U.S.A.



User interface W 28” H 1/8” D 11”

Boiler Unit W 15” x H 12” x D 25”

Steam Unit W 10” x H 10” x D 4”

Power 208V

27 amps

11 Liter copper boiler 4000W

2 x 1 liter 316 Stainless steel boiler 500w

2 x  group head heating element 200w